Monday, September 22, 2008

Cuisine Cuisine

I went to this Chinese resto last night with my family for a late dinner. Actually, this is my second time. The first time, i only had a few dim sums and roasted duck and i didn't take any picture. That's why i decided to re visit this resto and make a review

1. Sup Jagung Kepiting (Rp. 38.000/pax)
The soup is quite delicious. It has lots of crab meat and uses fresh asparagus. The corn is sweet and blends in perfectly with the soup. Nice one

2. Bebek Panggang and Soya Sauce Chicken (Rp. 68. 000)
I only ordered 1/4 duck coz it comes with free soya sauce chicken. The roasted duck is really yummy. Well, of course the high-end/hotel quality ones are better but this one is better than Duck King's. The skin is crisp enough and the meat is layered with a thin fat layer. Yummy

The Soya Sauce chicken is nothing special. Delicious but that's it. Just an average 'ayam rebus'. The meat is tender although it a thick breast meat and the garlic ginger topping is perfect.

3. Sapo Tahu Seafood (Rp. 58.000)
The sapo tahu is rather disappointing. The tofu is kinda sour and there is not enough sapo sauce (I like sapo sauce....) but the quality of the seafood is superb. The fish is really delicious (there's isn't any hint of 'amis' in it. Lots of hioko mushroom (big ones) but the tofu just ruined it all.

4. Udang Mayonnaise (Rp. 68.000)
This is the star of the night. As I said, this resto has a superb quality seafood. The prawns are YUMMYLICIOUS!! Huge prawn and mayonnaise? I'll take a break from my diet.....

5. Mie Urat Sapi (Rp. 32.000)
They use Hong Kong noodle instead of the usual la mian. The noodle is good and the soup is really really good but the urat and meat are just disappointing. The urat is too chewy, i literally had to spit it out!

6. The Dim sum
I've only tasted Ha kau, Siomay and Xiao Long Bao. I think all of them is definitely yummy. Especially the Hakau.... the Xioa Long Bao is not that good. I've had better... (Din Tai Fung's is better) The meat inside the Xiao Long Bao is kinda mushy and the soup inside is rather sweet.

Definitely gonna come back for more duck and dim sum combo xD

Location: Pluit Junction first floor
Rating 7.3 out of 10