Thursday, September 18, 2008

Berebut Zakat

A few days ago, there was a tragedy in Indonesia. I forgot the exact location but it's in East Java. 21 people died in a Zakat Sharing. Zakat is money given to poor people, it's a charity action by the moslems. The Zakat Sharing ended in a small scale riot and killed those people. All the casualties were women and mostly middle aged.

The Zakat was only Rp. 20.000/pax!!!!!!!!! Those people lost their life only for Rp. 20.000?!!!!! The price for burying them is a hell lot more than Rp. 20.000.... The one thing i kept on wondering, why did they keep on queueing for that small amount of money even though there were thousands of people already waiting for that money. What for?!!!!!! U spend all those time, waiting and waiting and waiting for Rp. 20.000?!! If those people work, they will get the same amount of money or maybe more. But instead of working, they'd rather wait in the heat for hours, doing nothing, just waiting for the freebie.

I actually don't know why they did that... Maybe they were too desperate or maybe lazy?

Yeah yeah.... I know I have a nice life. Not rich but definitely adequate. Maybe I can't understand the mind of the poor but one thing i know for sure, there is no such thing as geting freebie. People has to work to earn something. If u want something then do something. Even a beggar is doing something (I consider begging as a job......)


  1. yah bi ditengah kondisi indonesia yang konon hampir sebagian besar masyarakatnya itu miskin (tapi tetep bentley, range rover bertebaran di jakarta raya)...uang 20ribu seperti "oase" di padang gurun bi...apalagi dengan motto "ada rejeki jangan di tolak" yah sudah lah mereka berbondong2 antri zakat.

    btw, yang meninggal mostly perempuan, in particular janda2 tua, yah mgkin mereka ga bisa kerja mereka excited banget pas mau dapet zakat 30ribu (yang di decrease jadi 20ribu)

  2. gw sebel de, sebelom ngantri ya mbok dipikir resiko nya.... masa nyawa diadu cuma buat duit yg ga seberapa....

  3. kan itu acara dr taon lalu jg uda ada..
    taon lalu tuh acaranya rapih,terorganisir lah,ga ada korban jiwa..kabarnya,soalnya nyewa polisi2 gitu buat atur2 bukan?
    nah yang taon ini,malah cm pake tukang becak buat ngatur,yah hasilnya gitu deh..