Sunday, March 07, 2010


Waraku Japanese Casual Dining is a nu place at Grand Indonesia. Every time i pass thru this resto, I always see a line in front of it. I dunno it's the line queuing to get into the restaurant or to see the impressive fake food at the front.

I went there with my fellow Pediatric junior doctor from Sumber Waras Hospital :) Yeah I'm the only guy... Ciwalit and my friend Lahat have to guard the hospital.. Or maybe to accompany dr. Eve..? Hmm.... an unsolved mystery :p

The food:
1. Oyakodon (Rp. 36.800/M)
As u know, oyakodon is a jap dish where they put sauteed chicken and egg with soy sauce on the top of warm rice. This oyakodon is quite special coz they managed to make a perfectly cooked (not overcooked) egg without making the chicken lost it's tenderness. I think it's a bit bland but it's still yummy

2. Hokkai Don (Rp. 68.800/R)
A giant bowl of rice topped with fresh salmon, ikura and squid. The rice is too sweet!!! The salmon is too thin :( But the egg on the bottom of the salmon layer helps a lot. I like this dish but feels something wrong bout it.. For a traditional jap dish, this feels too modern, dunno why

3. Kinoko Cream Udon (Rp. 48.800/M)
A bowl of udon with thick creamy sauce, topped with sauteed mushrooms. First of all, udon + cream sauce? NOT GOOD! So wrongggg.... Waraku has a chewy udon and the actually makes it worse... It tasted like ur trying to chew milk and cream, eewwwww. I know this place tries to serve u a brand new fusion dish but it's sooo disgusting. Maybe if they use pastas instead of udon, this fusion jap will be more enjoyable

4. Mapo Tofu Udon (Rp. 49.800/M)
YUMMY!!! Best dish of the day! The mapo tofu is off the hook!!! Spicy but edible. The mixture of minced meat, thick spicy soup and friend silk tofu just danced on my tongue :) Combined with the udon, it makes a wonderful harmony

5. Hokkai Cream Udon (Rp. 67.000/M)
It's the same with Kinoko Cream Udon, they use seafood for the topping. Not helping, at all!

6. Chicken Katsu Curry Udon (Rp. 53.800/M)
Standard issue curry udon. No further comment needed

For me, it's quite disappointing. I expect yummy food with the price they charge us! What I got was some standard jap dish, some weird fusion jap and one yummy mapo. Thinking twice of coming back to this place

Rating: 6.8/10
Location: Grand Indonesia, Sky Bridge 3A

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