Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Apartment

For this year, we celebrate Ratu Iblis' bday at The Apartment :) Happy birthday Rennnn, jangan tamba keji ya jadi orang ;)

The Apartment is a very chic yet comfy place to spend some good time with ur friends and families. This place is decorated like a real apartment so u can dine and hang out with the a homey yet chic ambience, interesting right?

Me and Pudel Perek

Ratu Iblis and her BF Ciwalit, who tries to look cool but fails all the time. Pissss ndut hahaha

The food:
1. Black Burger (Rp. 78.000)
It a cheeseburger with a sunny side egg with black buns. The waiter told us that the bun is made with kluwek (I think it's the same ingredient used to cook rawon). The kluwek add a 'thick' taste to the bun. The rest is just ur standard burger... Pretty good but nothing outstanding

Birthday Girl and Black Burger

2. Gracia Tower Lasagna (Rp. 98.000)
Named after the building, this is actually a fried lasagna. So the lasagna is battered and deep fried, served with tomato sauce and green salad on the side. The lasagna is good (again not outstanding) and the presentation is very interesting. At first, I think the portion is small but after I finished it, it's quite filling

3. Penne Rosso (Rp. 68.000)
Penne with tomato sauce, shredded chicken and sundried cherry tomatoes. Yummy! This is the best dish of the night. The tomato is fresh, the penne is al dente and with a hint of sweetness from the cherry tomatoes, this dish just amused me. A perfect combination :)

4. Roasted Chicken (Rp. 98.000)
Half roasted chicken with french fries and salad on the side. Again, a good yummy food but not outstanding. The bbq sauce is okay and the chicken is grilled perfectly. It doesn't have that "burnt" taste which I like soo much from grilled food

For a cool place, this restaurant fails to serve great food. I don't think it's bad but it's also not good. All of them are just standard cafe food with a wallet-emptying ability. The food and drinks are overpriced!!! Geez.... But yeah the atmosphere of this place is very very nice. Maybe it'll be better to have drinks instead of dinner, note taked :)

Rating: 7.4/10
Location: Menara Gracia
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav C 17

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