Monday, March 01, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market

Pas long weekend kmaren, gw memutuskan buat catch up sama Ibu Duit en Ratu Lebah. Uda lama banget kayanya kita ga sempet jalan ber-3. Secara Ratu Lebah kan lawyer super sukses dengan new office yg Gelora Bung Karno View gtu, trus Ibu Duit dengan body clock en pacaran schedule nya yang tidak bisa diganggu gugat, gw sendiri juga kayanya spent too much time in Hospital deh :( Soooo, I was very happy when finally we can hav lunch together :D

Tempat yg dipilih adalah Manhattan Fish Market. Gw uda pengennn bgt nyoba tempat ini, secara kayanya ga ada resto jual seafood ala begini di J Town selaen Fish&Co... Bosen kan?? Nahhh si Ratu Lebah tuh uda ngidam makan garlic, secara tempat ini menyediakan garlic, dia uda napsuuuuuu banget ngajak makan disini. Kebetulan dehh hehehe

The food:
1. Mushroom Soup (Rp. 29.000) --> incl bottomless ice lemon tea
It was just ok... Thick creamy mushroom soup. I loveeee this kind of mushroom soup! Manhattan's is slightly better than average. Compared to Fish & Co's or Spageddies' this one is just ok. Nothing special... Plus they didn't give croutons or bread stick to accompany the soup.

2. Baked Dory With Herbs (Rp. 72.000)

YUMMYLICIOUS!! The fish baked inside al foil, covered with herbs and Olive oil I think. The herbs give a distinct,flavorful yet light taste. The fries is a bit contaminated by the green oil coming from the fish but it actually makes the fries yummier :)

3. Manhattan Platter (Rp. 189.000)

A gigantic platter of seafood. We have fried fish with garlic butter, fried calamari, fried oyster and flame grilled mayo prawns. On the bottom of the platter there's a LOT of rice (it's suppose to be a kind of paella/herby rice and fries). The fish is YUMMY! Better than Fish & Co's.... The Calamari in the other hand, sucks big time. The fried oyster is also yummy! There are also 5 prawns, covered in mayo and mozzarela and then flame grilled in front of us. Nice serving style :) The prawn is fresh and definitely yummy!

Too bad the rice is just so so... Not like Fish and Co's... The fries is also so so. Nothing special bout 'em. They shud've put some more seasoning to the fries and it needs to be cruchier

Compared to Fish & Co, Manhattan has some advantage. First, the portion. It's way bigger than Fich & Co's... Second, the 'new' factor. As we all know, J Town-ers love new resto. So watch out Fish & Co, this one is a serious competitor :p

Rating: 7.8/10
Location: Grand Indonesia 3A


  1. FYI, Manhattan Fish Market was sued successfully by Fish & Co (in Singapore) for stealing and copying their recipes and systems...

  2. huahahahaa i kinda don't care :) as long as they can serve yummy food :)

  3. The Manhattan FISH MARKET TeamApril 17, 2010 at 12:49 AM

    Hi Aris,

    Thank you so much for the review, and we are glad that you like our food! Yes, there has been news on the judgement over a lawsuit that happened more than 5 years ago! Anyway, we just won the International Franchisor Award 2009, awarded by the Franchising & Licensing Association of Singapore, that should say it all! =)

  4. Blogwalking and nice culinary review, Aris!
    I agree w/ yours,I loveee MFM better than Fish & Co and really glad when it finally open at J-town,
    and fortunately, the price isn't as expensive like other MFM at Clarke Quay,sg or KL
    and wow, The MFM team gave comment!