Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

A few weeks ago, I went on a trip to Bali. Reason? Ratu Lebah's wedding

The wedding was held at Infinity Chapel, Conrad Hotel, Bali. So dr. A, Ibu Duit and Arip the BF, Mel, Mr. Silet, Nakal and Adi the BF went there. Stayed at Conrad since the day before the wedding; we chatted, we laughed and had a surprise wedding shower with dr. A as the bartender :p

The sauteed mushroom and the scrambled egg was yummylicious....

The wedding was beautiful... Maybe the best I've ever been to. It was perfect... Congrats honey for getting ur dream wedding :)

Seared scallop with ikura, yummylicious!

It's been a while since all of us gather and spend some quality time together. With all the hectic days and the distance that separates us, maybe it's gonna be the only time we can spend a holiday together in a longgggg time.

dr. B - Mel - dr. A - Ibu Duit

Too bad I can't stay long :( I didn't get the chance to enjoy Bali!!!!!! Worst of all, I can't have the culinary journey I always dream of. Well, I'll be back hehe

Mel - dr. B - Ratu Lebah - Mr. Silet

The view from Uluwatu Temple


  1. Keeerrreeeennn, kapan ya bisa married di sana? hahaha...

  2. wah keren ya ris...
    gua dari dulu pengen lho diundang kawinan di bali. huahahaha. herannya pas kita masih di indo gak pernah dapet undangan kawinan di bali. giliran kita udah pindah kemari, ada 2 undangan kawinan di bali tapi ya kita jadinya gak bisa dateng dah... :P

  3. hahahaha yup, it's pretty cool :) and since it's a small party, it feels different

    uda mannn, ntr vow renewal aja disono

  4. keren yah , g juga dreaming someday bisa diinvite pesta di Bali . hu22
    sayang ya , lo ga sempet wisata kuliner krn wkt sempit .
    ohhh Bali I miss you , cant wait till end of august ..

  5. hehehehe bali emank ngangenin.... pengen balik seh kalo ada waktu. loe emank ada plan ke bali ya ven?