Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pepper Lunch Express

Pepper Lunch is a very popular fast food joint in Jakarta. The concept is very good actually, a cook-it-yourself hotplate dish, using premium ingredients.

This afternoon, I had a sliced beef and hamburger combo + egg (Rp. 61.000)

The portion is quite big, maybe because I add the egg. I love the egg... Just pour some of the sauce they give to the egg, u get urself a nice sunny side egg :) Too bad they only gave me a small bag of sauce... In the restaurant, they give u the bottle so u can take as much as u like.. Damn u foodcourt!

Hmm.... The first thing that came into my mind when I had my first bite is.. SALTY. I prefer their sweet sauce. Maybe I put the wrong sauce :( The sliced beef was fresh but the burger is a bit off. The burger itself is already salty so when I added the sauce, it became too salty. Plus the size of the burger is smaller than I remember. This is the type of food which need rice to make it complete. When I ate my rice (as usual, jap resto has the best rice) with the meat, it was good. The dominant salty flavor mixed perfectly with the rice and the strong pepper taste gave a distinct spicy after-taste.

I don't mind coming back to Pepper Lunch for a quick lunch, but have to make sure I visit the restaurant, not the express one. Too bad it's quite expensive..

Rating: 7/10

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