Friday, July 02, 2010

Pho House

There's a small Vietnamese restaurant at one corner of Muara Karang. The name is Pho House... I tried this place based on my student's recommendation, he and his family dine here periodically.

From the outside, the place is not bad. Well, a bit dirty but they recently renovated their restaurant so it's better. When I came, the restaurant was not too full, maybe only 3-4 tables are occupied. Then, when I finished, the place was full. Surprise! The waiters are helpful and knowledgeable. I was shocked when I saw the menu, it was like a 'kaki lima's menu. But the extensive pho menu kinda relieved me

The food:
1.Chicken Spring Roll (Rp. 15.000)

Their spring roll is a bit too oily. The filling is too full and the dipping sauce is too sour. I kinda like it when I bite a spring roll and I hear the crunchy sound it makes. That didn't happen with this overstuffed roll. The taste is not bad but needs refinement

2. Beef Pho Special (Rp. 39.000)

A bowl of pho with many kinds of beef parts. Sliced meat, shanks, tetelan, urat sapi etc. It's not hot!!! Arghhh how can u serve a non-hot soupy dish??? I was gonna complain but I thought, well... I shudn't bother. The soup is not bad, tastier than some vietnamese resto I tried before but the overwhelming beef and the warm soup kinda ruined it. The warm soup made my beansprouts tasted raw, no likey

The food is edible but not recommended. Well, since this area is lack of 'exotic' food, I kinda like it. I can satisfy my pho craving without having to travel to southern or central Jakarta. A bit overpriced for the quality they serve but well, I didn't expect much either.

Rating: 6/10
Location: Muara Karang Blok L 9 Timur


  1. di indo rasanya emang gak pernah ada pho yang enak ya. makanya dulunya gua gak pernah suka ama pho. tapi trus temen gua yang balik dari amrik bilang kalo pho di amrik enak.
    dan ternyata bener lho, pho disini enak banget. gua jadi suka pho sekarang. hahaha.

  2. gw juga heran, kenapa pho disini ga enak enak banget semuanya.

    kmrn baru aja gw nyoba pho yg enak! tunggu ntar gw review hehe

  3. Coba Pho 24 aja, di eat and eat kelapa gading ada, kalau enggak musti ke daerah tebet. Harganya gak semahal itu, dan rasanya gw suka banget :D

  4. ohhh thanks for the recommendatiopn :) will try it if i'm around that area