Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dimana-mana Makanan

Jessie @ Kitchenette (Rp. 39.000)

I love Kitchenette's crepes!! I dunno why, they're all so damn yummy :) Jessie is a crepe with pears, white chocolate bits, chopped nuts, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. One thing I notice from Kitchenette is that the caramel sauce is thick and sweet. Hmm... I dunno how to say this but it's very caramel-y. Arghhh.... Now I want more :(

Mamma Mia! Burger (Rp. 69.000)

It's a burger using foccacia instead of ur regular burger bun. Kitchenette put a slice of cheese, a thick burger (jap style hamburg), sunny side egg and BBQ sauce. Served with a bowl of french fries (which I think is one of the best fries in town), it's not as filling as it seems. It's actually pretty good but somehow it's not what I have in mind for burgers. No matter how classy or maybe pretentious the place is, burgers shud stay the same. The moment they try to make it 'cute', that's the time u take the word burger out of the menu.

Es Selendang Mayang @ Festival Jajanan Betawi Pluit Village (Rp. 5.000)

My first time trying this dessert. It was yummy! Well, I'm a sucker for desserts :) The red and green thingy tastes like jelly but more chewy. I dunno what it was made of but I'm pretty sure it uses flour and not jelly. The combination of that chewy thing, cheap red syrup, coconut milk and sugar is perfect :)

Kerak Telor @ Festival Jajanan Betawi Pluit Village (Rp. 15.000)

Hmm.... The kerak telor was okay... The abang-abang put some chili padi to the kerak telor, that's what made me interested in buying it :p

Mango Pudding @ Ming

The pudding was just standard and need more sugar. I dunno why they put 'jeruk bali' on top of it but it DESTROYED the pudding.


  1. hahahha kerak telor emank napsuinnnm, mgkn karena jarang makannya :)