Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mr. Curry

After Kitchenette came Mr. Curry :)

Mr. Curry is another restaurant by Ismaya. Different from Kitchenette, Mr. Curry is a franchise from Singapore. So, it's not purely Ismaya's. I've been meaning to try this place for some time but didn't have the time to come to Grand Indonesia.

From the outside, it's kinda similar to Waraku and Pasta de Waraku. Well maybe coz they came from the same group (not ismaya but the SG one). I don't find it that interesting once I visit the place, it looks too casual and very fast food like. Since it was my sis's bday and we already planned to dine here, I decided to give it a try

The place has a cute kitchen-theme ambiance. Very simple (too simple I think), bright and casual is the first thing that came to mind the moment I entered this place. We chose the sofa next to the window, overlooking the city. Well, the view is not bad... :)

The food:
1. Chicken Katsu Curry (Rp. 58.000)

This is their main specialty. It was yummy :) The katsu was great... It was tender in the inside but crispy on the outside. My katsu is made from thigh meat (usually katsu is made from breast) so maybe that's why it's rather tender. For the curry, I picked Black Ink Curry. The black ink made it more 'deep' and easy on the eye. The portion is very small despite the not-so-cheap price tag. That kinda turned me off...

2. Beef Sausage Omelette (Rp. 48.000)

Standar issue jap style omelette with original curry sauce. Omellete (esp. Mr. Curry's) doesn't go well with curry. Their omelette is a bit moist, add the curry and the steam rice, u got urself a porridge like consistency. Me no likey

3. Oyako Curry Don (Rp. 38.000)

It's oyako don but they put some curry in it. Making it darker and spicier than usual... The first bite was good but the next one made me realize that the curry ruined the oyako don! Jap food's main attraction is the deliciousness in their simplicity. Adding the curry into the oyako don is plain wrong

4. Chocochips Cheesecake (Rp. 18.000)

I dunno what to say bout this dessert. It's supposed to be a cheesecake but I just didn't get it. As a cheesecake lover, this thing just ruined the word cheesecake to me!!!! It's like a very thick ice cream with too much chocochip topping.

The service is not good (no surprise there, not the first Ismaya restaurant that give below standard service) The waiter took a long time to check the availability. At first, I wanted to order a hamburg curry, lassi and swiss chocolate cheesecake. NOT AVAILABLE. What a disappointment....

Ismaya's worst restaurant ever.... I don't plan on coming back here. Mediocre but overpriced food, sucky service and no ambiance to enjoy.

Rating: 6/10
Location: Grand Indonesia West Mall 3A


  1. wkt ke GI brp waktu lalu , g dah mau masup ke sini tapi rame banget trus g lagi laper bgt so ga jd masup , wahh lo kuciwa n ga mau balik lagi . kalo gitu g jadi ogah juga deh ! ha2
    soalnya g baca review org laen juga ga gt enak katanya . maless deh !

  2. wah... tadinya gw masih mo balik demi cheesecake & dessert lutu2 itu. tp abis baca review ini jadi males deh.. buang2 duit. thanks for sharing ya :)

  3. @veny_d : cobain aja ven. At least chick katsu nya masi lumayan, the rest gw ga rekomen deh. Mending ke tempat laen, u can get same/better curry, bigger and cheaper

    @jenz : gw disappoint bgt sama tu cheesecake. Sumpah kaya makan vienetta nya walsh haha mana lama bgt keluarnya...

  4. pas aku kesana hamburg nya juga gak ad kak! huhu aku nyoba ny beef steak. mnurut aku mayan enak tapi ya value for money is low.

    makan style curry kyk gini dmana lagi ya kak?


  5. hmm kalo japanese curry kan di semua jap resto ada cuma mungkin ga sevariatif ini... why don't u try macau curry, maybe at Cosi :)

  6. where is macau curry?

    aku dah link blog kakak di blog aku ya. exchange ya kak! thank you :D


  7. maksud nya, curry ala macau :)

    bisa di Cosi (pluit or FX) atau di macau chejian (GI)

  8. Untung waktu itu qta ga makan disana kan? Huahuahua.

    Anyways, ade lu kok cute yaa bi xD

  9. yah kaya koko nya kahg Ms. A :)