Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ninety Nine

Ninety Nine is one of the resto that opened in Grand Indonesia the last couple of month. Located in front of Ranch Market, Ninety Nine basically serves as Ranch Market's food court.

The place looks really comfortable. With the wooden tables and chairs, the hanging plants and the spacious place, Ninety Nine offers a 'dine in the garden' feel, a quick escape from the madness of Jakarta.

The food:
1. Mushroom Pizza (Rp. 72.000)

8 slices of pizza with enoki and black mushroom (shitake or portobello, i dunno), ham, white sauce, sunny side egg and of course mozzarella. Well, Ninety Nine is very generous with the topping :) I kinda like this pizza although the pizza dough is just slightly better than Pizza Hut. The Sunny side egg gives a different feel about the pizza and i love it. Yummy!

2. Chicken Shack Platter (Rp. 148.000)

A whole rottiserie chicken, chicken sausages, 3 slices of bacon, a bowl of some weird salad and french fries. The rottiserie chicken is very forgettable. It's like something u buy from a supermarket... The mushroom gravy SUCKS!!!! Geez.... It made my chicken worse.. The salad consists of cucumbers, corn and tomatoes with a combination of bbq sauce, tomato and chili sauce. It's like a fail and cheap attempt to make a salsa. The sausage, well... sausage. This giant platter is cheap, I admit but at least do something better Ninety Nine coz it sucks.

3. Poach Hainan Chicken Rice (Rp. 58.000)

This dish need 4 plates/bowls to serve and yet they don't use a tray to serve it. The waiters keep on coming back and forth to serve the dish... Stupid! The chicken is overcooked and bland. Yuck... My friend said the rice was good but that's it. Again.... OVERPRICED

4. Grilled White Snapper (Rp. 58.000)

A big piece of grilled snapper with butter on top. The fish was not fishy but no taste. It was served with that weird salad and no carbs. What a weird dish... Are we suppose to be full by eating cucumbers?

The food and drinks are mediocre and overpriced. The only good thing was the pizza.. I don't plan on coming back here... It's like having supermarket food but triple the price

My birthday dinner with besties :)

dr. B - Ibu Duit - Arip - Ratu Lebah - JEK

Rating: 6/10
Lcoation: Grand Indonesia East Mall LG, Jakarta


  1. servicenya gimana? cepet/lambat?
    gw kesono pas malem pertama mereka buka buat umum. suasananya penuh gila2an... trus ada waiter gitu lari2 & nabrak kursi gw, dan ngga pake minta maap langsung ngeloyor pegi. cape deh..

  2. service nya kurang ok... kan gw pas dateng tuh ber5 tapi ga bareng. jadi mesen minum dulu... Temen gw kan milihnya rada lama, si waiternya rada ga sabaran gitu deh. Males banget kan?

    Other than that seh biasa... Buat tempat yang nice dan trendy kaya gitu, disappointing seh