Sunday, September 02, 2012

Kedai Kita

On a bukber occasion with office gank, I went to Kedai Kita, ahumble eateries in Bogor. As many other eateries in Bogor, Kedai Kita is located in an old house, with narrow streets and outdoor areas to enjoy breezy and sometimes rainy Bogor :)

I found this place to be very popular. Wikipedia has to book and deposit 50k to get a place for bukber. The place is very crowded but not hot. We were seated in the lesehan area which I think is quite comfy. Loaded with Bogor's abege, the place is a bit noisy but lively. Please note that this is place is not some high-end chic cafe in Jakarta, expect some dirtiness here and there (my mom used to say that a bit dirt is what makes the food tastes good)

The food:
1. Pizza Bakar BBQ Beef

YUMMY!!!! This is Kedai Kita's specialty. Said to be baked using firewood, I didn't taste any burnt aroma. What's good about this pizza is that the dough is quite Italian, thin and crispy. The toppings are very indonesian, bold flavors, lots of sauce and meaty. The cover is very american, lots of mozzarella resulting in a gooey and sticky cheese layer which is to die for.

I didn't bring back the receipt but I remembered this pizza cost around 40-50K, quite cheap compared to the overrated super popular Pizza Hut.

2. Tom Yam Kung

Hmm this is a no for me. All I can taste is sourness. Rosna said the soup has a lot of mushroom but the soup itself is a huge turn off for me.

3. Mie Hotplate
Yummy... The mie hotplate looks just the same like any other mie hotplate. The one thing that stands out is their topping. The gooey liquid resembling capcay is soooo goodd. I don't know how much MSG they put and honestly, I couldn't care less *grin*

4. Lasagna

The lasagna is huge!!!! For lasagna standard, Kedai Kita serves a so-so lasagna. BUT, considering the price, portion and the fact that this place in the middle of Bogor is not an Italian restaurant, the lasagna is GREAT. I love how the lasagna maintain a tough texture. Hate it when the layers of lasagna falls apart and we busy fixing it so we can get that layers of flavor. Again, an Indonesianized Italian dish. Very bold flavor and heavy on the supposed to be bechamel sauce. Too bad that the creamy part is too thick and not creamy. I guess price don't lie :)

5. Sop Buntut

Yummy!!! HUGE portion of oxtail soup. The soup is nice with pepper stinging my tastebud. The meat is tender, those of imported Australian oxtail quality. A very comforting food in the cool air of Bogor.

6. Nasi Ayam Lada Hitam

The chicken blackpepper is just standard. I admit it tastes better than Solaria and its kind but It's very hard to make a generic food such as Chicken Blackpepper to stand out. Kedai Kita has done the best way possible to make the chicken blackpepper to taste good and they succeeded.

7. Bistik Lidah

YUMMY!!!! Finally, a yummy bistik lidah. Miranda, you have found your match! The ox tongue has no scent of tongue or whatsoever, the gravy is gooooddd. Too bad the side dish is nothing special. I think for bistik lidah, it's better to be served with rice.

Kedai Kita offers quality food with very affordable prices. The food costs around 20-60K. The six of us spent 400K including drinks and Ollino Ice Cream for dessert, quite cheap right?

dr. B - Marince - Angkara Murka (chair) - Wikipedia - Wadir Perek
Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Jl. Pangrango, Bogor (Next to Hotel Mirah)


  1. Bajingan. Lu mau edit ga noh caption poto lu. Kecewa gw disebut wadir perek. N sedih sekali wiwit ditulis chair. Boleh ditulis sitting kali.

    Anyway kapan kt foto ber5 kaya gt?

  2. hahahahahha bodohhhh kmaren ini gw mikir lamaaa bener, nulisnya gimana ya, uda aja deh gw tulis chair. maklum deh, kita kan jakartans, bukan new yorkers :p

  3. i've been here once. i'm so much satisfied with the food and especially the price :D