Friday, December 19, 2008


This afternoon, i went to FX with Ratu Iblis and Ciwalit... We went there not to try this resto but Ratu Iblis has mentioned this resto more than 10 times I guess (The owner's GF is her competitor with a baby benz.... Girls.... Can't stand any kind of competition) Since I like pancake, I was interested so we end up eating at this resto

The food
1. Chicken Schnitzel (Rp. 55.000)
2 original pancakes with a kind of Rolled Fried Chicken.... STD.... It's good but nothing special

2. Choco Roll (Rp. 35.000)
Yummy!! 2 rolled pannekoek filled with peanut butter and chocolate, with chocolate ice cream. Tastes like crepes but stickier and very sweet. Very recommended for peanut and choco lover

3. Gourmet O-Double (Rp. 55.000)
As u can see in the picture..... Lots of stuffs there... :D The pancake is mozzarela pancake, way yummier than original!!! Yummy!!!!

The texture of the pancake is better than pancious, the savoury pancake is so much better than pancious.... I still have to order the original pancake to know how good the sweet pancake taste...

Definitely gonna come back for more..... Gosh... Can we OD on pancake?

Location: FX F1 No 08-09

Rating 7.5/10


  1. 2 minggu lalu ke FX, sempet liat Pan-O ini, tapi ragu2 mau masuk soalnya buta referensi.. takut gak enak..
    Tapi ternyata OK ya ? Lain kali aku mampir deh..

  2. I like Pan-O too..!
    btw, who is Ratu Iblis en who is the benz girl..? LOL