Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pasta De Waraku

Pasta de Waraku is a japanese pasta place... It's a little different than the others, why? This resto provides a huge selection of pasta!!!

1. Carbonara Waraku (Rp. 58.000)
Yummy! The portion is not too big but it's enough for me. Like a typical japanese cream sauce pasta, it's very sticky and creamy. I can't describe the difference with the italian one but it's definitely different. It has an egg on top which i think is a bit overcooked but the egg white is cooked perfectly. Compared to the one I had in Sushi Tei, this is better but Sushi Tei's egg is better. It's not recommended to order the jumbo size (add Rp.20.000). It's not big but it really is satisfying

2. Pizza Carbonara (Rp. 58.000)
Yummy! It's a little weird eating pizza with sliced egg topping but it's really good... The crust is so fucking thin I think it's not a main course but an appetizer

Gonna come back for more unique pasta (squid ink and basil salmon pasta is next on my list), yeah it's a bit overpriced but u guys are a lot richer now so i dun think it's gonna be a problem :p.

Location: Grand Indonesia Level 3A
Rating 7.5/10

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