Saturday, December 27, 2008

Social House

Jakarta's latest IT spot! Located in Grand Indonesia, this resto/wine bar offers an incredible view of Bundaran HI. This place is packed with J Town's social climbers and social butterflies plus..... Jakarta's dearest :p

The food:
1. BBQ Baby Chicken (Rp. 65.000)
Basically it's a roasted chicken (ayam bakar), I know it's quite scary to eat a chick but it tastes good...... I forget the description of the food and I can't decipher the herbs from Indonesian food but I guarantee that this dish is satisfying.

2. Ossobuco Veal with Risotto (Rp. 130.000)
The veal --> Nice... The risotto.... Eww.... It's like eating baby's food.. I don't like it although my friend thought it's quite good

3. Organic Roasted Chicken (Rp. 75.000)
Half chicken roasted into perfection. This food has that smokey/burnt taste (I love it..) Although it looks weird, this is quite good.

4. Potato Tortilla (Rp. 45.000)
It's a tapas but it's one huge tapas..... It's quite good although after eating one, i feel like eating a padang resto's telor dadar

5. Apple and Pecan Gallete (Rp. 35.000)
Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!! Love the crust, love the apple, love the fucking dessert!

6. Chocolate Warm Cake (Rp 45.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!! It's in a small bowl so it's like eating a bowl of melted chocolate, not too sweet and no too bitter. The outer layer texture is perfect! And... a little surprise... They put blueberries (i guess...) at the bottom of the bowl. So when u reach the bottom of the bowl, u got berries covered in melted chocolate! Yum yum.....

With an extensive collection of wine, this is the perfect spot to hang out and escape from the madness of Jakarta...

Location: Harvey Nichols at Grand Indonesia East Mall

Rating 8.6/10

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