Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dallas Roadhouse

Before I met Dr. A, I went to have dinner with Ratu Iblis and Pudel Perek.... Thanks to Ratu Iblis secret evil plan to drag me to Dallas Roadhouse (because of a very unimportant reason "soal nya resto nya JT juga kaya gini B model nya"), I spent more than I intended. When we talked about having dinner, I thought maybe Kuotie Pluit but in the end.... *sigh....

The Food
1. Chicken and Ribs Combo (Rp. 175.000)
A quarter of chicken and half of Baby Back Ribs.... The BBQ sauce of the ribs is tangy (too tangy I think....) but it's quite good. The chicken is not bad but not big enough to share... The mashed potato is yummy but I still prefer Chili's.

2. Mushroom Prime Rib (Rp. 185.000)
Yummy!!! The Rib Eye is quite big and tender... It's marinated to perfection. The mushroom sauce is okay but nothing special and I could use more mushrooms (They are yummy!) The french fries is okay but the vegetables.... oh my God... Can't they put at least salt?

Overall, the food is good but not great. A perfect spot for a pre-party session before X2 :p The decor is very american although the music playing is Dragosta Din Tei (WTF man!!!)

Ratu Iblis and Pudel Perek in food deprived mode

Ps: Buy 1 get 1 with BCA (Yippeeee!!!) 25% disc of alcoholic beverages on weekend (Yay!!!)

Location: Plaza Senayan Square (Arcadia) X111-X112

Rating 7.5/10