Monday, December 29, 2008


Thanks Dr. A!!!!!!!!!!!! This entry is dedicated to Dr. A (the one handling the exceptional bill....) Hope u graduate next year at then we'll celebrate at Nobu :p

Rosso, the italian resto of Shangri-la Jakarta, is one of Jakarta's best resto. Decorated in red, this resto is classy yet cozy (After all, Rp. 288.000 ++ can give u coziness anytime anywhere....). A perfect spot to have dinner or in our case Sunday Brunch...... Yum Yum Yum

I don't think I can describe every single food I ate there (It's a buffet after all....) but I'll try to cover the must-eat :D

1. Beef Carpaccio --> Thin sliced raw beef, yummy!

2. Smoked salmon --> I have a chronic weaknees of salmon

3. Pasta station
A) Beef ravioli with black truffle sauce --> Oh my god..... YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B) Turkey ravioli with black truffle sauce --> YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

4. Seafood Bar
A) Fresh Oyster --> YUMMY-FUCKING-LICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ratu Lebah almost had multiple O when she ate these... (FYI she ate half a dozen of giant oysters...)

B) Lobster --> YUMMY!!!! Put some thousand island, YUMMIER

C) Crab Claw --> It's huge!! Crabalicious....

5. Main Course
A) Grilled Tenderloin with Zucchini --> YUMMY!!!!!

B) Grilled Chicken --> It's good, very tender and marinated perfectly

C) Osso Buco --> Huge portion and Yummy!

D) Seafood Rissoto --> I never like risotto... but this one is actually nice

6. Dessert
A) Tiramisu --> Yummy but not exceptional (This is Ibu Duit's O material.....)

B) Raspberry and Mango Panna cota --> YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C) Lime Cheesecake and Chocolate brownies --> They should do better in this department

D) Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate --> YUMMY!!!

E) Pistachio Tart with Strawberry --> Unique but nothing special

F) Hazelnut mousse with caramel crunch --> YUMMY-FUCKING-LICIOUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best dessert ever......... The food of the Gods....

Location: Shangri-la Jakarta

Rating: 9/10

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