Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cork and Screw

One of Jakarta's IT Spot, a place for all social butterflies to hang out and 'mengeksiskan' diri.... :p This one is in Plaza Indonesia, according to JEK, the one in Kuningan is better... I think the one in PI is too casual but that doesn't stop those social butterflies to come. After a long waiting list, We ended up sitting in high chairs which were very very uncomfortable..... Lots of Wine! After all it's a wine bar....

1. Moscato Spumante (Rp. 417.000)
According to Dr. A this one is supposed to be a dessert wine. Since I know nothing about wine..... I leave the wine picking part to him. It's good!! Not too dry.... and kinda sweet... Goes very well with the chocolate cake I ordered

2. Dark Chocolate Cake (Rp. 35.000)
YUMMYLICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No further comment.....

It's a nice place to have a quality dinner with friends and families. Definitely gonna come back for more wine and that lovely table in front of Bunderan HI!!!

Location: Plaza Indonesia 1 F

Rating 8/10

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