Monday, March 15, 2010

The Rych

The Rych is actually Nan Xiang, dunno why it's called The Rych. All I know that it's a bit more exclusive than the other Nan Xiang. I went there with my mom, dad and lil bro for dinner last Sunday. Since I don't know where to take em for dinner (always can't decide where to eat in PP)

The food:
1. Xiao Long Bao Udang dan Ayam (Rp. 33.800)
Kinda pricey for 4 pieces of Xiao Long Bao and it's not that yummy... Okay it's better than average but still, too pricey. The broth is a bit bland, not salty enough. The skin is too hard to chew, making it harder to bite a hole to suck the broth.

2. Man Tao Goreng (Rp. 8.000)
Nothing special...

3. Sapo Samcan Sapi Lobak (Rp. 68.000)
Yummy... Hearty portion! The taste is just right, not too salty and not too sweet. I kinda prefer a salty dish but this one is good. The radish is a bit undercooked, shud've cooked it a bit longer and the beef is kind hard to chew.

4. Sapo Tahu Seafood (Rp. 68.000)
Yummy.... Great tofu! I just love it... Some restaurants use japanese tofu in their Sapo Tahu but actually, chinese food has to be made with chinese tofu. +1 for authenticity. The seafood is fresh and again, the portion is quite big.

5. Goreng Cumi Telur Asin (Rp. 58.000)
Yummy!!! I always love everything fried telor asin style.. Nan Xiang offers a great telor asin dish :) Crunchy squid in salted egg, bliss....

I gotta say I'm quite impressed with this place. Not like the other modern chinese food restaurants that has SMALL portion with HIGH price, Nan Xiang actually gives u enough food to eat with 3/4 persons

The food here is a bit pricey but I got 50% on food, yayyy!!!!! Still... The rice (Rp. 6.800) and ice tea (Rp. 9.000) and pickle (Rp. 8.000) kinda blew my pocket

Rating: 7.5/10
Location: Pacific Place F4


  1. Chinese food hukumnya emang harus disajikan dgn porsi sejahtera, kalo yg imut2 mah Prancis ama Jepang :P

    Cumi Telor Asin.. awwhhh.... *cleguk*

  2. ohh ini Nan XIang yah ..terakhir g mkn taun lalu masih pake nama Nan Xiang sama temen2
    g jg demen mkn disana meski mahal yah , trus setuju untuk xiaolungbao ember krg enak .
    g demen udang telor asin nya hmmm yummy .. yg cumi lom perna cobain , ntar deh g cobain sapo tahu juga OK . kalo ga diskon 50% ogah de , kecuali dibayarin he222

  3. Sapo Samcan Sapi Lobaknya kliatan menggoda banget ya , dr sini hanya bisa clegukan :)), arghhh