Wednesday, December 10, 2008


As requested by Ms. J, I'm going to write a review of this movie...

Twilight is based on a hit novel by Stephanie Meyer. Actually, the story is pretty simple, a pathetic girl met a handsome vampire, she fell in love, there's some obstacles, the vampire came and protected the girl, they kiss and live happily ever after. Cliche right?

The book is kinda boring... It's all "Edward is so handsome", "Edward has the perfect eyes", "I don't wanna leave Edward" bla bla bla...... Boring!!!! But for some estrogen pumped teenage girls, Edward is the perfect boyfriend. They want a vampire instead of a normal human being (Hello Church, I really think this is the book u should ban not Harry Potter)

*i know for a fact that some of my sister's friends write their name as xxx Cullen or Mrs. Cullen

Back to the movie, the movie is so much better than the book. Not too mellow xtra romantic kinda movie (although the piggybacking thing is a lil bit too much) not enough action scene but i dun think that's what those girls are looking for.

I really like Alicia, she's so cool and cute and sexy at the same time! Hmm.... maybe i should put a vampire on my xmas wish list

Rating 7.3/10


  1. pertamax gan.. :D

    oh kalo di MHA kan grup Illuminati member2nya pake embel-embel Cullen..
    Eeva Cullen, Kate Cullen, Caelistis F Cullen, Karep'e-De'e Cullen etc etc

    ...menunggu rilisan R5/dvdscr aja ah :p

  2. astaga..... ga penting berat... nonton sono dave, take a break from FBing hahaha

  3. Hmm.... maybe i should put a vampire on my xmas wish list
    horny bitch!

  4. I want a vampire boyfriend >_<

  5. ga ada yang mau ama loe.... loe galak drian.. mereka takut loe mengigit hahahahaha

  6. bite me edward.......kikikik

  7. gela..... u guys should this movie with pudel, oh em jeeeeeeeeee gw ampe banjir kena ileran dia tiap kale si edward nongol!!!!!!!!!

  8. which edward? yg ini ya wkwkwkwk

  9. heh!! ada juga lo kena banjiran abg2 ga penting di sekeliling lo! heghhh thankx to somebody yg ngajak ntn di pj di hari sabtu lg, dimana jd abg's time...dan ga diantriin sesuai janji semula...dan datengnya ngaret...(masi dendam) lol..cupphh..