Sunday, December 28, 2008


A very authentic japanese resto...... It's kinda old actually (maybe from the 90's?) but the food is very good. Very japan!! Lots of japanese expatriates eat there, maybe because it's located in a building with japanese tenants. Huge portion in a very affordable price

The food:
1. Tonkatsu Teishoku Set (Rp. 60.000)
A giant tonkatsu with steam rice, miso, pickle and salad. Yummy!!!! It's thick but crispy.... Love the pork...

2. Two in One -Butakakuni Don and Niku Udon- (Rp. 58.000)
Two small portion of two different dish. (When i said small, I meant standard portion) Yummy!!! The Butakakuni Don tastes like my mom's babi kecap and the niku udon is a bit different than the ones i tried before. The soup of the udon is rather salty instead of 'gurih'. The beef slices is not as tender as Kiyadon's but it's quite good.

3. Gindara Teriyaki Set (Rp. 53.000)
Again.... Giant size gindara teriyaki + Giant size rice.... Standard...

4. Oden Moriawase (Rp. 37.000)
This is my first Oden :D I think it's a kind of shabu shabu... A bit sweet like 'semur'. In the oden, there were daikon (Raddish), Giant Chikuwa Roll, an egg, a tofu and a kind of meatball i guess... Good..

5. Two in One -Shake Zuke Don and Cha Soba- (Rp. 58.000)
Standard issue Cha Soba... I didn't try the shake zuke :(

6. Shake Nigirizushi (Rp. 60.000)
Pricey!!! Standard issue salmon sushi, i can get the same quality at Sushi Tei for half the price

Gonna come back for more.... The food is not like modern jap resto, feels like homemade food.... Plus, u have to take off ur shoes before u go in, unique right? :D

Complimentary Orange Ice Cream

Location: Kyoei Prince Building, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 3

Rating 7.8/10

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  1. schweeet....udah coba sakana yang di mid plaza? kayaknya cuma beda satu gedung deh sama kyoei prince building...:) coba deh...